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Our Promise

To You

From the moment we take up your case, we are dedicated to providing you with a compassionate, committed and competent service. We will work with you to achieve cost effective, positive outcomes and will keep you fully informed on all developments, as they happen, in real time. 

If you are not satisfied, please let us know and we will do whatever we can to make things right! We are committed to the highest standards of the practice of law while serving our clients and believe in forming lasting relationships. Our clients choose us because we provide legal advise that focuses on the long term.

Our Core Beliefs

Client Focus: Our client should get a competent, compassionate and committed representation 

Results Orientation: Our work should focus on outcome and on tangible benefits accrued to our client 

Accessible: Legal services should be accessible and affordable

Practice Areas

Connect with us to access legal services in following areas

Real Estate

Close your residential real estate purchase, sale or refinancing through us.


Retain us to represent you in applications for permanent or temporary residence & citizenship.

Wills & Estate

Prepare your Last Will and Testament as well as Power of Attorney for Care (Living Will) through us.

Family Law

Create cohabitation or marriage agreements through us and seek our advise during separation or divorce. 


Resolve disputes using a variety of non-adversarial tools available to us to reach an amicable resolution.

Civil Litigation & Administrative Services

Retain us to represent you in any Ontario litigation matter and in dealing with administrative agencies and tribunals across Canada. 

Notary Services

Connect with us for notarizing / witnessing of documents, commissioning of oaths, administration of statutory declarations, and for various affidavits. 


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