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Family Law Services

Clients most often seek out the services of a family law professional at the beginning or the end of a relationship. 

We cater to all aspects of family law, from the creation of cohabitation or marriage agreements, to providing advice and advocacy during a separation and divorce. We can assist in family law cases, in negotiations, contested court proceedings and mediations, including custody, joint custody, access, child support, spousal support, family property, equalization of net family property, exclusive possession and domestic agreements.

We are particularly adept at simplifying complicated financial and business structures, whether planning for the protection of complex assets in a marriage agreement or extricating parties from a joint business venture as part of a divorce, and are able to represent clients in complex and high conflict custody and access disputes.

Separation can be a challenging phase of life; personal and legal concerns may emerge affecting your children, your finances and your future. Navigating with our clients through difficult times clearly involves more than just our highest advocacy skills. It requires empathy, awareness, understanding, and most important, listening. We always prefer to minimize costs and preserve family relationships by resolving matters through negotiation or mediation, but if court is unavoidable we will vigorously defend our clients’ interests through litigation. 

Marriage Contracts and Cohabitation Agreements:

Taking the step to move in with a loved one or to get married is a big commitment. Many people do not fully understand the financial implications of living with a partner or getting married. 

We believe it is important for all parties taking these steps to understand the legal rights and responsibilities that come along with it. Our lawyers provide thorough advice regarding the rights and responsibilities that arise and assist clients to create a mutually agreeable contract, containing terms that address their assets and incomes in ways with which they are comfortable. Whether the assets and other considerations are relatively straightforward, or highly complex, taking the time to plan at the outset can save untold cost, stress and time later on, should the relationship come to an end. 

We are skilled at reviewing, negotiating and drafting marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements. 

Divorce and Separation:

The breakdown of a relationship is difficult for all parties. This is compounded when factoring in the numerous decisions that lay ahead with respect to custody and access, the division of assets, support, and matrimonial home considerations. Our lawyers use their considerable knowledge and skills to guide and advise clients through these decisions with compassion and professionalism.

We work with clients on a comprehensive plan for their separation and divorce, negotiating all relevant factors with the other party in an effort to eliminate the need to engage in costly and time-consuming litigation.

Disclosure of Assets and Hidden Assets:

The disclosure of assets is an important factor in nearly all family law matters. Failure to disclose finances and assets can lead undesirable and costly consequences being imposed by the court. In situations where the other party appears less than forthright with respect to their own disclosure, we can do everything possible to uncover hidden assets, and may engage the assistance of experts where necessary. Disclosure of assets may be a relatively straightforward process, or it can be complicated by the existence of trust arrangements, business holdings and more. We can navigate these situations, and will work with our clients each step of the way, no matter how simple or complex his or her particular circumstances are.

Real Estate, Business and Estate Considerations During Divorce

We can advise their family clients on matters related to divorce, such as the rearrangement of complex business holdings, variations to estate plans, and assorted real estate transactions.